How Important is a Marketing Database?


How frequent do you market with your best clients or customers? How many touches or contact would it take for those recipient to be fatigued? What abilities do you have to manage marketing fatigue and touches easily? Check out MLM genealogy leads to get started.

Tracking your marketing touches would be important to make direct marketing successful. You would not just want to make sure that you don’t fatigue your clients or prospects through overwhelming them with your marketing pieces, and you would want to become very careful with all your existing customers. These clients are considered as your most precious prospects and excessive marketing touches could result to customers that are unhappy and who would eventually stop purchasing from your company.

Surprisingly, a lot of companies over-market to their most valuable customers, prospects and real time leads. It is important for companies to know the number of times a person has to be given with marketing promotions before they respond or act to campaigns. Through knowing how frequent you’d like to send your marketing pieces into your prospects as well as the maximum frequency you’ll touch a client, you would save precious marketing budget- you would not send promotions anymore to those that aren’t likely to reply to your campaigns. Most significantly, you would not alienate or drive away your best prospects and customers anymore through over-marketing them- which is the contrary of what you’re trying to do.

The most precious tool available for direct marketers in helping eliminate a marketing fatigue would be a marketing database. Utilize it to do tasks including:

1. Remove people that have already replied to certain campaign offers from the future mailing list for a similar offer.

2. Exclude people you’ve touched during the past 90, 60 and/or 30 days from your company’s list for direct marketing campaigns.

3. Remove individuals from certain marketing segments or lists. For instance, you might not want to include those people that you have sent the same offer in the previous months or lists or to lists of people you’ve sent marketing campaigns to during the past week.

4. Exclude those people you’ve already reached the maximum times for certain campaigns as outlined in the rules of your company’s direct marketing strategies.

5. Remove direct marketing suppression or opt-outs, such as direct mail, foreign mail, phone, email and others from your campaign list.

In conclusion, you need to use your own marketing database fully to handle the people your exclude or include deliberately in every marketing effort you make to ensure that you don’t fatigue those best customers and prospects you have. There are marketing database for sale today, if you don’t have one yet.

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